Who’s Jennifer Smith-Jamieson?

Hi, I’m Jennifer Smith-Jamieson, but everyone calls me Jenn. I’m in college after a 20-year hiatus and an 8-year career in retail at a local art supply store. I came to Upstate New York in 1998 with a then-boyfriend and liked it so much, I stayed long after that relationship was over. I’m fascinated in all aspects of art and love to paint, do collage, and make my home look nice. I’ve recently gotten interested in photography and am waiting for the leaves to turn this year (Autumn is my favorite time) to get some great leaf-peeping pics.

In SUNY Ulster’s Communications Program, I’m focusing on Journalism and Video Editing. The classes I’ve been most excited to take involve different aspects of film and television production. I’m learning how to create a good online social presence with a multi-platform approach to give a well-rounded image/brand for myself.

After graduating from SUNY Ulster, I’d like to transfer to Bard, Marist, or SUNY New Paltz and study Film Editing and Humanities there. I’m particularly interested in Bard’s Celtic Studies Program as I’ve had the opportunity to visit Ireland once and am in love with it’s culture and people.

I always enjoyed watching programs on history and want to work for either The History Channel, PBS, or even BBC America. I’d like for the next generation of children growing-up to have that same sense of amazement at how far we’ve come and how we stay the same, in ways.

I don’t remember my first web-based online experience. There’s no doubt that it involved a dial-up modem and about five minutes of waiting for it to connect. I’ve been on Facebook for years and use it daily to connect with my actual friends and family in the South. Many of the customers that I used to wait on in my retail days have become my FB friends and it’s wonderfully inspirational to hear how they are doing in their art-making lives, where they are going, and, if they are having a rough time, to give support.

Through social media, I have found my family, which I thought I’d never see again. If your last name is Smith, there’s a lot of anonymity there. Also, in 2015, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. On FB, I have found a very supportive MS group called “Fighting for a Cure” who I turn to with questions and support.

Since last October, I have been on an injectable medication which I take three times per week. The side-effects kinda stink: tired, my immune-system is suppressed, sometimes I feel like I’m getting a sore throat, and (gasp!) my once luscious hair seems to have stopped growing and is turning grey rather faster than before (that’s actually okay, I won’t have to bleach to do punkey colors). With the MS support group, I can check in with others who have taken this medication and ask, “Am I going nuts or is this happening?”. They always can tell me their experiences and we cheer each other up. I literally can’t live without them. Also, the Copaxone site (the medication itself), I log into on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. There is a web-tracker which gives me an alert if I have an injection due and tells me which of the seven areas of my body is scheduled to be injected. Each of the seven areas are broken up into grids and each area of the grid is mapped out on a visual shape of the human body. It records the injections, the dates, and I can print out a record of my injection history for my doctor. This stuff is like Star Trek (the original Shatner one) to me. This is a site that I really couldn’t do without. I was really bummed out that I had to take an injectable instead of an oral medication, but it has been interesting to say the least to see how technology and medicine works together.

Injection Site Guy

The site tells about MS and Copaxone. https://www.copaxone.com/


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