Why Would Anyone Want to Vote? Show up, Stand Up, It’s Your Right!

When looking at our major party candidates this election, one may be more enthusiastic towards picking their favorite flavor of cough syrup.  The red (cherry flavor) or the green (doesn’t taste like anything a human would ingest unless on death’s door): they both do about the same things and are really neither palatable.  However, guess what?  You’re a grownup now, if you’re 18 and over and not registered to vote by the 14th of October, you’re like the benched kid on the softball team that never plays and doesn’t really wanna be there.  Apathy is understandable under these situations.  Hey, I get Facebook updates from Anonymous too (they do not forgive, they do not forget). Do I believe some of it? Yeah, probably most of it. But I’m still gonna hold my nose and take the medicine come November 8th. It’s not so bad.


These guys and gals seemed to think it worth fighting for, not metaphorically either, I mean actual fisticuffs and throw-downs with police and various old white dudes, over their rights to put a piece of paper in a box and be counted equal to said various old white dudes.  Sorry old white dudes, nothing personal, it’s just yall’s history is not pretty.


This lovely lady, Doris Stevens, spent 60 days in jail for women’s suffrage.  That’s two months, in the early 1900’s.  Do you have any idea what jails were like then? If you want to know, She wrote a book chronicling it, which is still sold on Amazon today. You can even get it in Kindle.


Then there’s these military folks. Many of my family are among them, and it is my heartfelt belief (and maybe a little superstition) that if I ever missed a chance to vote in a major election, said family members would come back and haunt my dreams. Ain’t nobody got time for military ghosts.Incidentally, this lovely pic of Arlington National Cemetery is from a CBS article of a rule which prohibits female WW2 pilots from being buried there. I gave you the link just in case you wanna feel outraged all over. The article is from December 2015, last year. So you see, in so many ways, the fight for equality continues to this day. Vote for who you think will do a good job, vote for who you think sucks less, heck, even a protest vote is a vote for or against something! It’s your right to do so, and a right which women and minorities have fought for you to have. So whether you’re female, male, straight, gay, trans, the many colors of the rainbow, black, Hispanic, Asian, or white; children, take your medicine and register to vote, now. Cause, they, historically speaking (sorry old white dudes, calling a duck a duck) didn’t really want your ancestors to.  theskimm.com in conjunction with Rock the Vote, have put together a fast, easy site to help everyone get registered.  Oh yeah, and November 8th, VOTE!  



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