“Moliere’s Sganarelle by the SUNY Theater Program is UnAdulterated Stunning Fun”

November 18th, 2017 /  By: Jennifer Smith-Jamieson

Sganarelle Cast

The cast from left to right: Amelia Foreman, Will Hennessey, Brandon Cepeda, Olena Hyrnovets, Andrew Guido, Celeste Reyes, Stephanie Larsson, Dwaine Brannon

SUNY Theater Department’s production of Sganarelle is scandalously good fun.  From the fantastic costuming by Aletta Vett, blending over-the-top French elements with vivid 1980’ish florescent leggings and sneakers, to the little comic lagniappes (that’s French for “a little something extra”)scattered throughout .

Gorgibus Rebecca Rich          Celia

Rebecca Rich as Gorgibus and the be-birded Olena Hyrnovets as Celia.

This troupe has got a lot going for them.  Every single actor has a great sense of physical comic timing.  Having a female play Gorgibus, the blustering father intent on bending his daughter’s will to marry, gave it a new dimension of irony.  Rebecca Rich, who plays him, does so with such over-the-top gusto and maybe even some improvised karate moves (that’s what Moliere needs, a bit of karate).  Dwaine Brannon plays a hilariously saucy Celia’s Maid.  Olena Hyrnovets as Celia has got fainting with a mile-high Marie Antoinette-inspired be-birded wig on down to a science (Seriously, it’s incredible!). Amelia Foreman as Sganarelle’s Wife is a high-energy edgy delight.  Will Hennessey and Andrew Guido as Sganarelle and Lelio have great antagonistic chemistry.  Both have a stage presence and comic timing that brings this story of jealousy and mistrust to life.


Lelio riding his “trusty steed” Gros-Rene.

Throughout the show, there are comedic asides and little winks to the audience which make it almost interactive without going full Rocky Horror. The final bows are great and set to the perfect music, I won’t give it away.  See it live for yourself.

Sganarelle's Wife rescuing Lelio

Sganarelle’s Wife “rescuing” Lelio

There are two more shows with this Fall 2017 troupe,

do yourself a favor and check it out:

Saturday night at 7PM & Sunday at 2PM.

Check out SUNY Ulster Theater Department’s Facebook here




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