MySpace- Not My Space; You Kids Get Offa My Lawn!

What Myspace looks like now. Gulp, I'm a scared.
What Myspace looks like now. I’m a scared! Gulp!

I had to go into “search for your account” since it has literally been years since I made my MySpace page.  I had it all Gothy and tricked out. It was great.  I picked out the perfect background and curated my mostly comedy and music clips.  The funeral of Graham Chapman, a lot of Tim Minchin stuff, and whatever depressing music I was into back then.  Now I come to think of it, it’s possibly a decade. I really expected it not to have me in their system at all.  Holey moley, I’m still there, sort of.

Four hours later, this is as far as I’ve got. You kids might have an easier time with this, but my old brain is not geared towards this much techno-speak. I may come back to this at a later date when my brain swelling goes down. It’s kinda zen right now. Hmmm.

I was kind of excited at the prospect of szushing my profile page and customizing it again.  The creative expression it allowed was one of my favorite  aspects of it. It is now a customizeable media stream. If you ever wanted to have complete control of your Facebook feed, this is for you.  Well, I’m going to start clicking on stuff and see what happens.  Aha! Eureka. The way to access your profile is on the deck on the bottom of the page.  Exactly the opposite of every app ever made.  I have been looking on the left-hand-side’s index and the top for it.  Alright, this is getting better. Profile pic and background later, I’ve added the Toccata and Fugue in D minor as my background music, alright.  Okay, the page is customized but how do you actually get media clips to show up on it?  Time to Google “how to make media show up on MySpace personal page”.  Ah, there’s a MySpace Help  site which I cannot see any way to access from my actual page.  So, what is it I’m looking for “embedding and sharing”, “making a post”, am I making a post, am I “managing your video”? No, the video I’ve searched for is “Graham Chapman’s Funeral” and I found it. It’s now in a Queue but no matter what I click on it never shows up on my page. It’s also not technically “mine”.  This used to be a lot easier.

MySpace "help"
MySpace “help”

MySpace used to be a quick way to have a personal bulletin board to share what you love with your friends.  It may work now as a Portfolio of one’s own work but Facebook is way easier to navigate, way more intuitive, is more social, and uses less technical jargon than MySpace.  I may go back and try and figure MySpace out when I have unlimited time and patience to look through every single entry in their “help” site.  Right now, it’s finals time and life is short. Enjoy!

I found this on Youtube and pasted it into WordPress in roughly .09 th of a second. Maybe some day I’ll love it and it’ll make a big comeback, but for right now MySpace can bite me.


My Review of Two of 2015’s Bloggie Winners


Apartment Therapy won a Bloggie for Best Art, Craft, or Design for 2015.  

This is a well-organized, slick-looking, professionally put together looking blog with the editorial style of a magazine.  It is published by AT Media, which seems to be a group since 1994.  The articles all have bright photographs to grab attention. They are categorized clearly in “House Tours”, “Design”, “Lifestyle”, “DIY”, “Organizing & Cleaning”, “Remodeling”, “Money”, “Shopping”, and “Video”.  The articles often promote products and there is heavy ad content throughout for the latest cleaning supplies, housewares, middle-end-price-point furniture and also for an interior design school.  This blog is aimed at a readership of the mainly female, late 20’s through 40’s, who would read Good Housekeeping and Architectural Digest. This blog brings both of these points-of-view together nicely, in a comprehensive one-stop-shopping resource for home style.  There are widgets which give the reader of each article the opportunity to share on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest the articles.  This is a very visual blog that someone can spend an afternoon browsing through in leu of a magazine.  The only thing that might be a problem is that it may be overwhelming if you aren’t on a large screen, such as a tablet.  Each page has two to three ads on them and they blend in nicely with the content, so as to not be too intrusive. Between them and the “Shopping” section breaking down each item in a given picture and sharing links to stores like Anthropologie, West Elm, and Urban Outfitters this blog must generate quite a bit of revenue from its advertising.

Words for Worms won a Bloggie for Best Book Weblog for 2015.

The host, Katie, is an avid reader and has very current articles about the latest books. The blog is four-years old and is very cutesy and personal in style.  Polka-dots and penguins are everywhere, so it’s very casual looking.  She has a comprehensive “Books Reviewed” section listing all reviews under author’s last name.  She has a form which authors can fill out to submit their book for her to review.  Also, she has a section called “The Fellowship of the Worm”, which is her book club. She offers tee-shirts, Kindle covers, and coffee mugs with her reading Penguin character on it, maintained by Zazzle merchandizing app. There is an ad for Audible by Amazon, which is appropriate for her audience of book lovers. Also, at the bottom of each review is an asterisk which mentions that if you buy from a link on her site, she will receive a small commission. If you click on a book’s name, it takes you to the Amazon page which corresponds to it. Her taste in books runs to general fiction, humorous memoirs, and historical fiction. This blog is aimed at a demographic of primarily females in their 20’s-30’s looking for a book to read. If you’re in the market, she’s got reviews to help you make an informed purchase.

Blog Usage and Optimization

I’ve been reading up on tagging and categorizing blogs and see that this is the one bit that I’ve always neglected in previous blogs.  This particular article made it clear that it’s a good practice to get into to make one’s blog user-friendly and easy to navigate. It also helps boost your Search Engine Optimization rankings when people can refer back to your blog content easily.