Links and Resources  Atlas Obscura- This is one of my favorite places to indulge my wanderlust and taste for the macabre and the bizarre.  I can literally browse this site for hours. – This is where I get my visual pop-subculture inspiration from.  A lot of my favorite FB posts originate here.  Check out their post on the Codex Seraphininianus, it’s the strangest thing you’ll ever see and you will be inspired by the utter madness of the thing. The Codex Seraphinianus: The Most Unusual Book In the World – Another favorite generator of FB posts, this one appeals to the Pagan, Philosophy, Astrology-loving, New-Age, Cryptozoology chasing, Ancient Civilization history devouring, Quantum-Theoryesque side of me. (I.E. = my quasi-rational-hippie-tinfoil-hat-self)  For starters, check out  their  10 Mind-Blowing Theories That Will Change Your Perception of the World